Women philanthropists are the change-makers and community-shapers of the world. We are sisters and daughters, mothers and friends, compassionate and committed women at every stage of life and career. Here in Columbia, Women’s Philanthropy provides an opportunity for women to connect with each other while learning about and supporting the needs of the Jewish communities locally, in Israel and around the world. We are building community and supporting Jewish life both for today and for generations to come.


Through our donations and our hands-on community service, we protect at-risk seniors, help send kids to Jewish summer camps, feed those who are food insecure or experiencing homelessness and fight injustice. Your Jewish Federation inspires and empowers women to become leaders and decision-makers. Our collective philanthropy enriches our own lives while improving the lives of others.
We are proud that women take such an active role in making an impact in our Jewish communities. We invite you to become a part of a Women’s Philanthropy Giving Society that is meaningful for you!

Lion of Judah


The Lion of Judah is a symbol of a Jewish woman’s strength, of her dedication to the Jewish world, and of her financial commitment to the Federation through of a minimum annual gift of $5,000. Judah, one of the sons of our patriarch Jacob, was known for taking care of his brothers, symbolizing our need for Jews to take care of other Jews. The Lions of Judah set an exemplary standard of leadership and giving.


The Lion of Judah pin, worn with pride by over 18,000 women world-wide, is one of the most recognized and distinguished symbols of shared commitment to the strength and vitality of the Jewish people. Every two years, Lions gather for three phenomenal days of extraordinary learning, sharing and celebration. Lions inspire one another and hear from the world’s leading speakers in the fields of religion, culture, art, business and politics. There are nine giving levels within the Lion of Judah Society:


Lion of Judah- Diamond $5,000
Ruby Lion of Judah – $10,000
Sapphire Lion of Judah – $18,000
Emerald Lion of Judah – $25,000
Double Chai Lion of Judah – Amethyst Diamond - $36,000
Zahav Lion of Judah – Canary Diamond - $50,000
Sabra Lion of Judah – Cognac Diamond - $75,000
PMC Lion of Judah – White Gold with Black Diamond - $100,000

Pomegranate Society


According to the Midrash, the pomegranate has 613 seeds, one for each of the commandments found in the Torah. An ancient symbol found carved into the lintels of the earliest synagogues, the pomegranate nurtures, sustains, and plants seeds for the future of our community through an annual gift between $2,500 and $4,999. Donors are recognized at women’s events and are honored with a beautiful Pomegranate pin with ruby “seeds”; each subsequent year that the gift is sustained, the donor is eligible for additional rubies, showing your Pomegranate philanthropic journey through your pin. 

More than a beautiful piece of jewelry, the Pomegranate pin is a symbol of a woman’s commitment to and compassion for the Jewish people.


Pearl Society

The Pearl Society recognizes women who give from the heart and desire to engage with the community through philanthropy. The Pearl Society necklace features a freshwater pearl necklace. Pearl was chosen for this society because the letter pey, which represents the Hebrew word p’nina (pearl).


Columbia Jewish Federation Pearl Society presents 22% of all donors.


Pearl Society Levels

Golda Meir 1,000 - 2,499 - White Pearl

Olim 500 - 999 - Blush Pearl

Hatikvah 250-499 - Black Pearl

Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE)

A Lion of Judah Endowment lights the way for your family and community. Helping to illuminate Jewish life well into the future. Burning bright for all who are in need. Endowing your Lion of Judah, and establishing a charitable gift of at least $100,000 in your name, ensures that your philanthropy makes an even greater difference throughout your lifetime and for generations to come.


For more information about Endowment, contact Federation.