Community Security
a path to securing our Jewish communities in South Carolina

To better protect the 15,000 members of the Jewish community who worship and attend area synagogues, day schools, and other facilities in Charleston and Columbia, the Charleston Jewish Federation and the Columbia Jewish Federation have partnered with Secure Community Network (SCN) to manage security programs in our communities.

Whichever Jewish organizations our community members visit, they should be secure in the knowledge that best practices are in place for all potentialities: fire, medical emergency, weather, and worst-case scenarios, such as violent attacks. Our partnership aims to provide educational and support services, as well as create a network among institutions to ensure best practices when it comes to security at what SCN refers to as "Centers of Jewish Life."


The team consists of a Regional Security Advisor (RSA), supported by Charleston and Columbia Jewish Federation leadership, a vast network of talented employees, and the community-at-large. The Charleston Jewish Federation and Columbia Jewish Federation joint safety and security initiative brings more than 25 years of law enforcement and security expertise to meet the needs of the Jewish community.

Our goal is to identify and assess any potential threats to our community. It is important to report incidents as soon as you witness them. Keep in mind we are collecting all information that affects our community. Please use this form to report all suspicious activity and Anti-Semitic acts. This information will be reviewed and shared with the appropriate local, state, and federal law enforcement for action and resolution.


Please note, true emergencies should be reported to police via 911 immediately.

High Holidays Safety & Security Resources

Webinar recordings and resources will be made available following the conclusion of each session


The Secure Community Network (SCN), the network of Jewish communal security professionals, national security experts, and religious leaders are hosting a series of conversations to aid preparedness for the High Holiday season. To attend, please register in advance.




 Security Training