The Rendezvous Program and Lounge is designed to meet the needs of our community members over the age of 60 and is made possible by Jane and David Kulbersh and your Columbia Jewish Federation. Membership requires an annual contribution to the Columbia Jewish Federation campaign. For more information, contact Laney Cohen at or 803-787-2023 x. 220.


Unless otherwise stated, programs are free.



Upcoming Programs

Hanukkah Party!

Each person who wants to participate is to bring a gift wrapped or in a gift bag. The value should be $20 or less. Do not put your name on it! It might be a fun gift. We will each draw from the hat a number to determine the order of participation. Number one will pick a gift. The following participants can keep the gift they chose or swap it with any other gift chosen previously. It is really a lot of fun.
Ask your friends to register and join us!

Email to RSVP


December 15 | 12:00pm
Rendezvous Lounge