Columbia Jewish Federation Board Of Directors 2022

Columbia's Jewish Federation is a not-for-profit organization governed by a board of directors. These individuals, who dedicate considerable time and talent to enrich Jewish life and support Jews in need, work in concert with the Federation’s professional staff to advance organizational and communal goals.



President Elect

Vice President



Immediate Past President

Kenneth Berger

David Palkovitz

Michelle Peterson

David Palkovitz

Anny Zalesne

Robert Feinstein


Directors Nominated for Terms ending in 2024

Directors Continuing through 2023

Directors Continuing through 2022

Nominated for a 1-year unexpired term

Presidential Appointees

Bryan Baker, Todd Weiss, Evan Lowsky

Jackie Dickman, David Lovit, Jennifer Kahn

Michael Bank and Naomi Farber

Heidi Lovit

Steve Savitz, Meridith Goldstein, Alan Kahn, Moss Blachman