The Columbia Jewish Federation (CJF) of Columbia, South Carolina, is seeking an Executive Director to provide vibrant leadership to our Jewish community. As leader of the umbrella organization in Jewish Columbia, the Federation Executive Director is our ambassador to the local, regional, national, and international communities, actively collaborating to enhance the vitality and wellbeing of Jewish life near to home and beyond. This position offers an energetic communal leader the opportunity to enhance robust Jewish life in a capital city and the flagship home of the University of South Carolina.


The Columbia Jewish Federation achieves our mission to engage and strengthen our community to build a vibrant Jewish future by both providing direct services and supporting programs and affiliated organizations focused in the following areas:


  • Community and interfaith programming
  • Community education and engagement
  • Older adults
  • Vulnerable individuals and families
  • Young leadership and leadership development
  • Campaign growth
  • Legacy - Future planning
  • Support for Israel and Jewish communities worldwide


The Columbia Jewish Federation is one of 146 independent members of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA). This affiliation provides a range of resources to the CJF, as well as opportunities for the Executive Director such as participating in JFNA Small City Professional Development opportunities and attending the JFNA General Assembly. 


The successful Executive Director of Columbia Jewish Federation will:  

  • Communicate effectively a vision for the CJF’s role in the local Jewish community;
  • Translate the vision into a strategic plan that enhances the community;
  • Manage a fundraising campaign that increases success by engaging directly with donors and identifying new donors;
  • Work closely with Board, partner agencies, and synagogues to realize shared goals;
  • Oversee all programs, events, and publicity activities.


Candidates must have a familiarity with Jewish traditions and values, and an active connection with contemporary Jewish life.


See full job description below.


Submit application letter and resume to: searchcommittee@jewishcolumbia.org






The Executive Director (ED) of the Columbia Jewish Federation (CJF) is responsible for the management and operation of the umbrella organization of the Jewish community, including fundraising, financial allocations in the Jewish community, and supporting affiliated agencies and institutions.


The Executive Director is responsible for organizing and  managing the annual Campaign; guiding and managing allocation decisions for the constituent  agencies;  representing Columbia before regional and national Federation agencies, and providing oversight and management of two full time and one part time staff members, as well as one part time staff member (bookkeeper) presently shared with the Katie and Erwin Kahn JCC (JCC).





The Executive Director’s overarching responsibility is to advance the CJF’s Mission of engaging and strengthening our community to build a vibrant Jewish future.


On a day-to-day basis, the Executive Director will report to the Federation Board’s President.  The Federation Board’s Personnel Committee will provide additional oversight and will oversee the Executive Director’s annual performance assessment. 


The Executive Director's responsibilities fall into three main categories:


  1. Community Engagement
    1. Establish and maintain relationships in the Columbia community to represent, where appropriate, the policies and philosophies of the Federation before both Jewish and non-Jewish organizations;
    2. Promote cooperation and coordination among the Jewish institutions and organizations in the community, including, but not limited to, the Federation’s new communal security initiative (a collaboration with the Charleston Jewish Federation and the Secure Community Network);
    3. Maintain effective contact with the Rabbis in the community;
    4. Communicate and coordinate information about Federation initiatives, as well as other programs, meetings and other events relevant to the Jewish community;
    5. Represent the Jewish community as appropriate; maintain a positive and professional image in community contacts and relationships; maintain an effective working relationship with the media and other relevant social and political groups; and
    6. Cultivate and maintain positive relationships with local and national organizations to enhance the reputation, credibility and effectiveness of the Federation.

  1. Federation
    1. Work with the Board and its committees to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Federation;
    2. Oversee the annual Federation campaign;
    3. Prepare an annual budget for approval by the Board; monitor and report on the budget on a monthly basis; and take action as may be necessary to ensure the financial integrity of the Federation and its constituent agencies;
    4. Ensure that business records are maintained and secured;
    5. Cultivate and maintain relationships with Federation agencies outside Columbia  to advise and educate the Board;
    6. Recruit and develop lay leadership within the Columbia community;
    7. Oversee and manage communication for Federation, including: (i) collaboration with the staff of the JCC to add content to the jewishcolumbia.org website, a community newsletter (presently produced quarterly), and (ii) Federation’s social media platforms; and
    8. Plan for the growth and development of the Federation.


  1. Personnel Management and Administration
    1. Engage and manage a professional staff and other qualified employees as may be necessary to provide the services and programs of Federation and its constituent agencies;
    2. Implement and maintain lawful and equitable policies and procedures for hiring, promoting, rewarding, disciplining and terminating employees of the Federation, as appropriate;
    3. Termination of an employee is not authorized unless approved in advance by the president of the Federation, or both presidents for a joint employee;
    4. Implement and maintain lawful and equitable policies and procedures for the workplaces of Federation employees;
    5. Encourage the productive performance of employees through position descriptions, appraisals, and competent supervision and training;
    6. Periodically assess activities and staffing patterns to implement and/or recommend changes; and
    7. Ensure that all financial transactions are conducted in accordance with pertinent standards and legal requirements, and ensure accountability to the Board through timely updates, and reports.


The CJF supports the work of several affiliated organizations and programs, including:

Beth Shalom Synagogue and Religious School


Chabad-Aleph House

Cutler Community Jewish Day School

Hillel at University of South Carolina

Holocaust Education Commission

Katie and Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center, including Camp Gesher

Tree of Life Congregation, Brotherhood, Women of Reform Judaism, and Religious School

 Jewish Historical Society

 Jewish Education Loan Fund (JELF)

Jewish Federations of North America

Support for Israel / Jewish communities worldwide (JAFI, JDC, ORT)

Security partnership with the Charleston Jewish Federation and Secure Community Network

University of South Carolina Jewish Studies Program


Through this support, the direct provision of social and educational services, and active participation and leadership in community engagement, the CJF works to achieve the Vision of a thriving Jewish community that is welcoming, inclusive, informed, educated and engaged.


We seek an Executive Director eager to further the important work of the Columbia Jewish Federation.


Submit application letter and resume to: searchcommittee@jewishcolumbia.org