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updated March 2023


Action Alert: Important Moment for SC Hate Crimes Legislation

Tuesday Morning at 9:30 am, H.3014 and S.615, South Carolina's Hate Crime Bills (House & Senate Versions) will be voted on in a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee! Last year, our statewide push for hate crimes legislation died in the Senate. This year, we cannot accept the same inaction on the part of our elected officials. Click here to contact your legislators instantly in support of hate crimes legislation! Even if you have used this form before, please submit again, as the language and targets have changed within the tool.

For this hearing, we are discouraging in-person testimony to avoid any chance of a delay, but we do need messages of support and written testimony. Apart from emailing/calling/tweeting Senators, please share on social media, and know that written testimony can be incredibly powerful. If you're interested in submitting written testimony, please include the bill number, and what makes this issue personal to you. Do you have an experience with hate or antisemitism to share? Send any/all written testimony to Brandon Fish at brandonf@jewishcharleston.org and copy info@jewishcolumbia.org

For more information on our coalition efforts to pass hate crimes legislation, visit www.stampouthate.sc. Click below to contact key Senators and share on social media.


A statement from @Conf_of_Pres @ADL, @AJCGlobal, @AIPAC and @JFederations on the Israeli government’s suspension of legislative consideration of judicial reform measures: ow.ly/Gznc104AlT4

Public Affairs Update

On May 11th, hundreds of Federation activists traveled to Washington, DC to advocate for the following: Securing Our Communities, Combatting Hate Together, Supporting Ukraine, and Addressing Antisemitism. Last week, our federal legislature advanced or passed multiple Federation advocacy priorities:



SC Legislative Update

South Carolina's regular legislative session came to an end on May 12th. Legislators will be called back for special session to resolve the budget, including provisos.


  • Working as a member of the Pro-Truth in Education Coalition to ensure that history, including the Holocaust, will be taught accurately, we are happy to report that H.5183/S.945, aka "anti-truth in education" bills, did not pass. The Pro-Truth in Education Coalition will monitor anti-truth budget provisos still under consideration.

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