A Federation Health Advisory Committee was formed in order to advise the Columbia Jewish Federation (CJF) how to best mitigate the spread of Covid-19 at gatherings and events. In addition to following CDC and DHEC procedures, the CJF has created specific guidelines for Federation events in collaboration with the Federation Health Advisory Committee. 


  • The safest option for a Federation event is through a virtual platform
  • In-person events are recommended to be conducted in an outdoor area or covered indoor/outdoor area such as a porch
  • Participants should practice social distancing (6 ft or more) at all times
  • Masks and proper mask-wearing is mandatory for all indoor events
  • Do not attend an event if you are quarantined for a Covid-19 virus or  recent exposure, feeling ill, have an elevated temperature, or are waiting for a pending Covid-19 test result
  • All individuals 5 years old and older are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated, including booster shots
  • The Federation urges unvaccinated community members to join the events through a virtual platform


Personal responsibility is encouraged. There is a known inherent risk of Covid transmission and contraction when coming into physical contact with others. Individuals attending Federation-sponsored events take on the risk of possible Covid-19 exposure, despite the safety precautions implemented.


Columbia Jewish Federation Health Advisory Committee