31 2019

The Yellow Ticket” with live accompaniment

6:00PM - 7:30PM  

Recital Hall, School of Music 813 Assembly St
Columbia, SC 29208

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The Yellow Ticket (Der Gelbe Schein), a 1918 German silent film, follows the double life of Lea, a young Jewish woman who leaves a Polish shtetel to attend medical school in Tsarist Russia only to become entrapped in the prostitution industry. Starring the legendary icon of the silent film era Pola Negri, The Yellow Ticket is remarkably progressive for its time: it is the first to explore Jewish discrimination and anti-Semitic restrictions in Tsarist Russia. It also includes a rare footage of the Jewish quarter in Warsaw.

Event Sponsors:
The Kate and Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center, The Columbia Jewish Film Festival, Jewish Studies, The Anne Frank Partnership, Department of Anthropology, European Studies, Film and Media Studies, The College of Music, The Rhodos Fellows Program, Russian Studies, South Carolina Council on the Holocaust and The Walker Institute of International and Area Studies