14 2015

Rosh Chodesh Society-Soul Maps

7:30PM - 8:30PM  

Chabad Aleph House 2509 Decker Blvd
Columba , 29206

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Happily Ever After?
The Challenge of Divorce and What it Teaches Us
About Marriage
Sadly, “happily ever after” is not the case for many marriages today. Yet,
while Judaism on one hand allows ample room for divorce, it also considers
it to be a monumental tragedy; because we are “soul mates,” truly one with
our spouse, severing this union is akin to an amputation.
To many, these two facts seem contradictory, and the often euphemistic
manner in which the Talmudic sages spoke about divorce only adds to the
confusion and misconception about Judaism’s real view of divorce.
What indeed constitutes grounds for divorce according to Jewish law?
How far must one go, and how much must one tolerate, to make a marriage
work? And when and how is it appropriate to meddle in another’s marital
conflict? This lesson gives us insight into the sensitive issue of divorce and
what it teaches us about the unparalleled